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What Should You be Looking at When Shopping for a CCW Bag?

Have you recently purchased a concealment purse or is it still on your to-do list? Not sure where to start or what questions to ask before buying? Here's a few important need to knows when making a purchase that could ultimately mean the difference between life or death in a crisis situation.

1. Quality

The most important factor in purchasing a concealment purse is the quality. The last thing you'd want is a broken strap or torn leather after investing in something designed to protect you. Has the bag been field tested? Factory tested? Making sure there is reputable backing behind the company you're buying from is the key. A few qualities to consider:

- Does the shoulder strap have wire reinforcement in it?

- What type of leather is the bag made of? Genuine leather or plastic?

- Concealment pocket size?

- Does the zipper to the CCW pocket open easily and/or have a lock for added security?

Despite the high price point for a typical concealed carry purse, the most important aspect is always durability. A good quality bag will last through normal wear and tear; this will always out weigh the dollar amount - in our opinion.

2. Style

Your CCW bag should fit your personal style. It is an added accessory to your ever growing purse collection that you should be proud to carry! You'll want something that is comfortable enough to draw from that also fits your personal aesthetic.

- Do you draw from the left or right?

- Do you prefer a cross body bag, backpack, sling bag, or tote?

- How much do you carry with you in your purse on an average day?

- What type of weapon do you carry most often?

3. Practice Makes Perfect

Muscle memory is an important part of carrying a concealed weapon. Taking it to a shooting range with you and practicing regularly (regularly being key here) is the best way to ensure that if and when the time comes to draw your firearm in an emergency situation, you would be able to do so confidently and with accuracy.

4. Know the Rules

Have you researched the CCW laws and regulations in your county? This is one of the most important parts of your purchase. Ensure you are thoroughly knowledgeable in the who, what, when, and where's of your local concealed carry weapon laws. Each city, county, state, and establishment may have their own rules to abide by. Let the store or company you purchase your bag from be the teacher. Ask for print outs or information about local CCW laws before leaving.

What else are we missing? Is there something we forgot to mention? Comment below and let us know!

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