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On a holiday weekend, notorious for big corporate sales, long lines, and eye catching incentives to buy BIG, this weekend (& week ahead) is the busiest shopping time of the year. As a matter of fact, an estimated $16 billion dollars was made over Black Friday weekend last year alone. Shocking... I know!

If you find yourself consumed by holiday gifting this weekend, why not remember to shop small businesses instead? Small Business Saturday IS the new Black Friday, after-all! These businesses are a BIG part of our economy and need your support, especially this time of year when competitors like Best Buy and Target are nearly impossible to beat. Not to say we don't love a good deal from our local department store, but what if you knew your well spent dollar was helping a shop keep their lights on another day, or send their employees home with a well deserved holiday bonus this year, or put a little food on the table for a couple selling homemade jam?

There are so many reasons to shop small, but here are just a few of mine. Comment below to share more reasons why you'll be shopping Small Business Saturday this year.

1. Unique Gifts

Ever worry you'll see the same gift being given twice? No worries when you shop small as most businesses offer unique, one of a kind gifts, along with artisan and handmade items that can't be found in your big chain stores.

2. No Lines

Avoid long lines and over crowding in large department stores. In a day and age when Black Friday conflicts are at an all time high, you can shop worry free. Most of the time personalized shopping is also available, helping you to find the perfect gift for that special someone!

3. Online Shopping Too

If you can't find local small businesses that appeal to your gifting needs, there's always online shopping too! Many small businesses promote their products using sites like Etsy, making your buying experience easy and stress free from the comfort of your own home.

Whatever you may have decided this year, be sure to include a trip to your local farmer's market or shopping center to find a small business near you! Most importantly, remember that you are not limited to holiday shopping once a year, small businesses can be supported anytime!

Roma Leather's, Inc. is a small business that appreciates each and everyone its customers, this time of year and always! Thank you!

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