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CCW Bag Diversity

Let's face it, traveling in this day and age can have its downsides. Stolen purses? Lost luggage? You name it and it's probably happened to you or someone you know. We've found that our CWW bags make the perfect traveling accessory!

Not only do they have plenty of space for all the essentials like cell phones and wallets, but the lockable zipper pocket makes for a great place to hold important documents like passports and plane tickets. The adjustable straps allow you to carry the bag crossbody style, alleviating any need to worry about slipping or uneven loads. I'm sure you've heard of the age old trick of pick-pockets cutting the purse straps of distracted tourists, right? With the bag's wire reinforced straps, the worry of stolen purses is gone!

Traveling can come with so many worries and frustrations, but keeping your valuables safe doesn't have to be one of them. When you can't even trust the in-room safe provided by most hotels, you absolutely need a place to hold your documents while out in about, especially while traveling internationally. The lockable pocket can give you piece of mind, knowing no one can easily access those items. The set of two keys that comes with the bag also allows you to keep one on your person, and the other in your luggage, because, well, you never know where they could end up.

When all is said and done, you can never be too careful or too cautious these days. Traveling with my CWW bag has made the #travelife that much simpler, safer, and overall more enjoyable. Anything I missed? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section, I'd love to read all about your travel story!

Traveling through the country, knowing my valuables are safe and locked away in my wire reinforced CWW bag.
My favorite way to travel, by bicycle!

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