The Tactical Backpack is the most functional carrier on the market while being completely adjustable and comfortable.  The main compartment is spacious and has multiple interior pockets to keep your belongings organized, including a large mesh pocket. The secondary pocket is designed to carry additional supplies such as notebooks, pens, etc...  The small top pocket is perfect for phones and small items needing easy accessibility. The concealment pocket is located in the middle of the bag with access from both the right and left side; a Velcro holster is included inside this compartment. M.O.L.L.E Webbing runs along the front, back and sides of the bag to add any additional attachments. There is also a Velcro patch strip on the back of the backpack, along with padded back support and a pocket designed to be compatible for a standard size hydration bladder. The padded shoulder straps are both adjustable and removable.

Materials: Nylon

Color: Black, Digital Camo, Tan, Green, Gray

Size: 10"x 10"x 18"

Concealment pocket size: 7"x 6½"

Tactical Backpack

SKU: 6009-R
    • MOLLE webbing on exterior of the backpack
    • Padded back support
    • Adjustable and removable Velcro holster
    • Multiple interior pockets for optimal organization
    • Single large mesh pocket in main compartment
    • Small top pocket for easily accessibile items
    • Middle compartment gun concealment pocket
    • Adjustable and removable padded shoulder straps
    • Velcro patch strip along backside
    • Nylon
    • Colors: Black, digital camo, tan, green, gray
    • Size: 10"x 10"x 18"
    • Concealment size: 7"x 6½

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