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Our Basic Field Hydration Pack is a must have tactical accessory for all your hydration needs. It provides a 2.5 Liter hydration bladder with a wide mouth, twistable cap for easy refilling, including a hose and mouth piece. The minimalist design and lightweight material adds no excess weight to the carrier, making it comfortable to carry in all weather and terrains. The adjustable shoulder straps with clips are designed to fit all desired lengths, while the laser cut MOLLE webbing and four PAL straps on the outside of the carrier makes it an all-purpose hydration pack.  The Velcro loop field allows you to attach patches or badges to the outside, while the MOLLE straps on the backside are for attaching the carrier to a backpack or chest style rig. The thermal lining interior design keeps your bladder’s temperature consistent while a reservoir attachment hooks the slider to the inside of the bag. Care and cleaning instructions for the hydration bladder are included.

Material: Nylon

Colors: Black, Tan, Green

Size: 12½”x 16½”

Bladder Size: 2.5 Liters

Basic Field Hydration Pack

SKU: 600-R
    • Lightweight hydration pack
    • 2.5 Liter hydration bladder
    • MOLLE webbing and four PAL straps
    • Thermal lining interior design
    • Velcro loop field
    • Cleaning and care instructions included
    • Wide mouth, twistable cap opening for easy refilling
    • Adjustable shoulder straps with clips
    • MOLLE straps on backside 
    • Nylon
    • Colors: Black, tan, green
    • Size: 12½"x 16½"
    • Bladder size: 2.5 Liters

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